Table of Contents

Soaked in rays of happenstance sights


If the Sun will Rise again Tomorrow

To Give and to Receive

Intentionally Unsweetened

Perceived Mentors

Stop Eating Me I’m Only Skin And Bone

You Were Born in my Memory

Dust Covered Windows

Before the Season Ends


Pouring Wine

Helium Balloon

Old Hand Holds Hanging Lantern

Evan Buckiewicz

I'm a writer, web artist and doll artist.



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Snapdragon, snapdragon,
you once were a flower.
Your hour has passed;
your bones are here to last.

I’ll clothe them in leaves,
adorn them with fine vines.
Your metamorphosis complete
as you stand still in time.

Seeds fall from your eyes
and your mouth open wide.
Have you remembered the promise you made,
when the sun on your petals once laid?

Snapdragon, snapdragon,
I know you didn’t forget:
In your tears and your spit
your will has been set.