Table of Contents

Soaked in rays of happenstance sights


If the Sun will Rise again Tomorrow

To Give and to Receive

Intentionally Unsweetened

Perceived Mentors

Stop Eating Me I’m Only Skin And Bone

You Were Born in my Memory

Dust Covered Windows

Before the Season Ends


Pouring Wine

Helium Balloon

Old Hand Holds Hanging Lantern

Evan Buckiewicz

I'm a writer, web artist and doll artist.



Soaked in rays of happenstance sights

In every wing there is a feather
in every inch, infinite ways to measure;
in every crease, the mark of a fold;
in every sunrise, the times of old.

In silent, vain delight
I stir with fragrant cues.
Against the weight of unknown might
I surrender what I have to lose.

Bid thee gay, bid thee light,
soaked in rays of happenstance sights,
within walled up fragile thoughts
I tremble at this life’s looming cost.